Bedarra 360 Degrees Panoramic Views

If you are looking to unwind and escape the pressures of daily life, then the peace, tranquility and seclusion of Bedarra Island is the perfect place.

Bedarra Island 360 degrees is aptly named for its 360 degree picture perfect views of the island-dotted azure waters that cover Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. With two bedrooms, three decks, and secluded beaches to explore, 360 degrees is perfect for couples, families, or a gathering of friends.

Bedarra 360 Degrees Bedarra 360 Degrees Bedarra 360 Degrees Bedarra 360 Degrees Bedarra 360 Degrees Bedarra 360 Degrees Bedarra 360 Degrees Bedarra 360 Degrees Bedarra 360 Degrees

Leave behind your busy schedule. Put away your watch. Here time is measured by the passing of the sun. Let the tropical warmth, pristine waters, and natural beauty of Bedarra Island ease away your stress. Close your eyes and the only sound you’ll hear is the lapping of waves on fine white sand and the occasional call of a bird.

Located 4 kilometres off the coast of tropical Far North Queensland, halfway between Cairns and Townsville, Bedarra Island is an exclusive, privately-owned tropical island retreat on the Great Barrier Reef. With more beaches than guests, you’ll have no problem finding a palm-fringed cove with azure waters and monolithic granite boulders that you can enjoy all to yourself.

Artists and authors have been inspired by the secluded beauty of Bedarra Island for decades, including artist and Thoreau disciple Noel Wood, whose original artworks are on display in the house.

Peaceful and stunning Bedarra Island 360 Degrees is perfect for honeymoons and romantic getaways, but it’s not just for couples. It’s also a place for friends and families to relax and enjoy quality time together in a secluded tropical paradise.

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